VCU Certificate

The H. Ortgiess Technisch Uitzendbureau & H. Ortgiess Offshore Division safety management systems meet the new VCU 2011/05 guidelines.


Ridderkerk – In 2005 the H. Ortgiess Technisch Uitzendbureau & H. Ortgiess Offshore Division management board opted to have its safety management system certified in accordance with the VCU standard, so as to safeguard the health & safety of its (project) professionals.

In April 2005 the Dutch Certification Institute officially issued the 2007/04 VCU certificate to the Ortgiess Group. Since then time certainly hasn’t stood still. The Ortgiess Group has continually focused on improving its safety management system, in addition to frequent focus on the business management of its processes relating to Health & Safety. Moreover, the new 2011/05 VCU version was showcased.

Aside from a number of modifications there is one vital difference to the preceding 2007/04 VCU version: the scheme once again falls under the remit of the Dutch Accreditation Council. As such Richard van de Wijngaart, of the Ortgiess Group, welcomed an auditor from the Dutch Certification Institute, for two days in the middle of May this year. Last week the Dutch Certification Institute notified the Ortgiess organisation of the following: ‘We are pleased to inform you that the assessment of the audit carried out on your organisation’s safety management system yielded a positive result’. The Ortgiess Group is delighted with this positive result and is extremely proud to be one of the first intermediation services to have attained the new standard.

Been the case throughout the textile business!